Where To Find Medicare Advantage Plan Star Rating Report

Where you can find Medicare Advantage plan star ratings and why it mattersFive Gold Stars

If you have ever compared Medicare Advantage plans you know that it can be confusing.

In addition to potentially having a number of plans available there are countless factors to take into consideration when you are trying to find the best plan.

Another resource that you have available is the Medicare star rating of each plan.

You may have heard of the Medicare rating system but didn’t know where to find the Medicare Advantage plan star rating report.

The following is a discussion of how to find the medicare star rating for each plan and why this may have a greater application than just learning how plans are rated.

Navigating medicare.gov to find Medicare Advantage plan star ratings

Of course it would make sense that you would find ratings assigned to plans at the official Medicare website but finding what you’re looking for is not always easy.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit Medicare.gov and click Compare Drug and Health Plans.

2. Enter your zip code and click Find Plans.

3. Step 1 of 4 is to enter your information – answer both questions and click Continue to Plan Results.

4. Step 2 of 4 – it’s not necessary to enter your drug to see star ratings. Click I don’t want to add drugs now. Click Skip Entry.

5. Step 3 of 4 – choose the type of plan you are interested in. Click Continue to Plan Results.

6. Step 4 – under heading describing the type of plan click the maximum number of plans highlighted – example View 20.

The right column for each plan gives you the overall plan rating. Some plans are too new and will not be rated.

If a plan includes health coverage 36 topics in 5 categories are measured. For plans including drug benefits 17 topics in 4 categories are measured.

Why the Medicare star ratings are important

The ratings are important for two reasons: First it does give you an objective view of a plan based on hard data.

Second, knowing the star ratings of Medicare Advantage plans could allow you to switch plans.

As far as choosing a plan based on the star rating alone… probably not a good idea. The rating will not tell you:

In short, it is not a substitute for reading the Summary of Benefits and other wise doing your homework. It is rather something to refer to when choosing between comparable plans.

Find a plan with five stars and you may be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period

CMS announced that a new Special Enrollment Period is available for people enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan rated 4.5 stars or less and people eligible for Medicare Advantage enrollment that allows them to enroll in a five star rated plan without waiting for the Annual Enrollment Period.

You are able to change plans once during a calendar year.

The big question is whether or not you actually have any five star rated Advantage plans in your service area.

If you are unhappy with your current plan and do have a five star rated plan available that doesn’t mean that it is a better option by default.

You will still need to review the plan and pay particular attention to the Summary of Benefits, Provider Directory and Part D Formulary if drug coverage is included.


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