Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D – Low Part D Premium In Alabama

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Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D - Lowest Part D PremiumIf you want the lowest Medicare Part D premium consider Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D

If you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan it will more than likely include Part D coverage.

But many people on Medicare will not choose an Advantage plan or will have limited plan options in some rural Counties.

If this is the case, whether you choose to stay with original Medicare or purchase a Medicare supplement, you will need to enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan.

The Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D plan has the lowest premium at $12.60 per month.

When comparing plans you should take many aspects of the plan into consideration but the premium is quite important. Here are some things to consider when comparing the Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D plan to other options:

Comparing monthly premiums is also important, but when looking at the Humana Walmart Part D plan the point is somewhat mute because it has one of the lowest monthly premium in Alabama.

More than just a low premium

The Humana Walmart Medicare drug plan also affords some other benefits if you are willing to use the preferred network of pharmacies. Preferred pharmacies include; Walmart, Sam’s Club and Neighborhood Market Pharmacies. In all there are over 4000 preferred pharmacy locations nation wide.

Copays and coinsurance at preferred pharmacies:

You will also get a good deal if you use the Humana RightSourceRx Mail-Order program. This is the perfect option for your maintenance medications, that is both convenient and less expensive.

Copays and coinsurance with RightSourceRx Mail-Order:

If you require tier 1 and tier 2 medications it’s hard to argue with a $0 copay. Using pharmacies that are not in the preferred network will cost you a little more.

The required cost sharing at non-preferred pharmacies is higher than most competing plans. So if you are leaning toward the Humana Walmart Preferred RX Plan you should stay within the preferred network otherwise your benefit of a low premium will be diminished.

One downside of the Humana Walmart drug plan is the plan’s required $310 annual deductible. Of course not a problem if you are not required to take medications. Otherwise you will need to factor this in when comparing 2014 Part D plans.

The primary thing to consider is the plan’s formulary or list of covered medications. If you find that a plan does not include your drugs,

keep looking. All in all the Humana Walmart-Preferred Part D plan offers a decent value if you can live with the network restrictions.


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