HealthSpring Of Alabama – Unbiased Review

HealthSpring of Alabama is now Cigna-HealthSpring3D Figure Pointing to Page

If you have done any research into Alabama Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Plans you may have run across Healthspring of Alabama.

HealthSpring Inc, based in Nashville Tennessee was acquired by Cigna Inc. and has ceased to offer their own branded medicare Part D Plans.

As a resident of Alabama you have one Cigna-HealthSpring Rx plan available.

Following is an overview of the Cigna-HealthSpring Rx plan and some insight as to who may benefit most by enrolling in this plan.

HealthSpring Medicare Advantage

Cigna-HealthSpring Rx Reg 12 PDP – – Very few insurance companies that offer Part D plans nationally have only one plan to choose from. Although Cigna offers Cigna only branded plans, only one plan is branded as Cigna-Healthspring.

A quick visit to will allow you to see that no star rating is displayed for this plan. Instead, you are warned that the plan has been rated poorly for three years in a row. The plan requires the maximum deductible allowed and requires coinsurance rather than copayments. It’s very difficult to determine your future costs with such a cost sharing structure. There are over 30 Part D plans available in Alabama and you would be wise to compare the costs and benefits of several.

Enrolling in a HealthSpring Medicare Advantage plan

If you are considering a HealthSpring plan there are three pieces of information that you should review.

The details for the following years’ Part D plans are released on October 1st. You can submit an application beginning October 15th through December 7th.

It’s wise to compare several plans to be certain that you are choosing your best option. If you are already enrolled in a HealthSpring plan, you should still review the benefits for the following year to determine if any significant changes have taken place. Your new plan will become effective on January 1st.




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I was fairly satisfied with Health Springs until this year. I do not know if the changes are Cigna’s changes or not. This year my monthly prescription cost have jumped from about $150.00 to almost $400.00. I have been embarrassed several because I have Health Springs. I am receiving pas due noticies from our doctors because Health Springs does not pay as much for certain treatments as they did anc I am having to make up the difference. I broke my foot, and after my primary doctor had xrayed it and determined it was indeed broken they attempted to get me an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon could not find one rthat would take health springs insurance. The sixth doctor they called agreed to see me. As I was checking out at the orthopedic office, with my foot brace, A nurse came running up and said in front of the whole office that since I had Health Springs I would have to Pay $61.00 fot the brace. I assure you this will not happen again. October will see a new company, (one recommended by my doctors)as my medicare suppliment. Also I had cataract surgery this year $300.00 co-pay per eye. One of my best friends had the same thing a couple of months ago (He has Health Springs also because of me, hope he will forgive me) His copay was $35.00. We both have the same coverage and policy. I still have not received a reason from Health Springs as to why I had to pay that much more. Buyer Beware….

Robert, Your experience is a testament to why you should review your Annual Notice of Change each year. It arrives in September and details any changes that are occurring for the following year. Of course once you find a plan that you believe to be suitable, the plan may drop providers mid-year. Doesn’t sound fair… but it’s happening. If you qualify, you may want to take a look at a Medigap policy like Medicare Supplement Plan F.

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