Alabama Medicare Advantage Private Fee For Service A Convinience For Some

Less Private fee-for-service in Alabama means less choiceContract Under Magnifying Glass

Many Medicare beneficiaries are not happy with the Medicare Advantage landscape. Most plans in Alabama are network-based plans.

PPOs and HMOs seem to be much more common than private fee-for-Service plans.

Those beneficiaries that are in more rural areas have less options. For instance, for someone who lives in Grand Bay Alabama, just minutes from Mississippi, it is much more convenient to cross the State line and receive services in Pascagoula than it is to receive services in Mobile.

In this case a HMO will not allow the member to cross the State line and receive services unless it’s an emergency. A PFFS plan will allow the member to cross the State line for services.

Many PFFS plans charge higher monthly premiums than HMO and PPO plans. In some cases they are not affordable.

An alternative to a HMO or PPO if no private fee-for-service plan is available

One reason why privater fee-for-service plans were popular was because you had the freedom to choose your provider.

But plans have dwindled and you may only have HMO or PPO plans available in your County. So what is your alternative?

Medigap. A good old fashioned Medicare supplement will actually allow you more freedom of choice than a PFFS plan… and the cost is not radically different.

Many people joined private fee-for-service plans when they were reasonably priced only to see the premiums sky rocket. Today, you may be able to buy a Medicare supplement for about the same money.

There are both positive and negative aspects to Medigap policies compared to PFFS plans, but you have to adapt to the changes. If a HMO or PPO is not your cup of tea, you should consider Medigap.

Medigap Pros

Medigap Cons

If you are new to Medicare and are in your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, you should compare Medicare plans online to get the best quote.


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